National Fragrance Week – Luxury & Niche Fragrances

National Fragrance Week – Luxury & Niche Fragrances

Coco Chanel Said “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.”

When choosing a fragrance, we all seek to find a specific scent that accentuates and reflects our own personalities. However, in a vast and ever growing fragrance market, it is a tad difficult to find a scent that is unique to you. In such a market it is difficult to find a fragrance that no one else is wearing and like clothes, we all long for something different that portrays our individuality.

If like me, you sometimes crave a fragrance that is a little bit different then this is where the niche and luxury fragrance market come into play. There are a selection of brands appearing on the market that provide certain exclusivity, allowing you to choose a fragrance that has high quality ingredients and stunning packaging. Some people often disregarded these brands for the fear that they would not like them once they arrive. Luckily more fragrance companies are producing discovery sets, allowing you to purchase a range of samples so that you can experience the scent before you choose the one you prefer.

For National Fragrance Week, I recently sought out some niche and luxury brands and had the chance to enjoy their range of fragrances. Here are the selections that caught my eye (and nose):

IDEO Parfumeurs

This unique brand originates from the centre of the Mediterranean, from the beautiful city of Beirut in Lebanon. Taking advantage of this fantastic location, IDEO has created a range of fragrances that take influence from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Founded by Antoine and Ludmila Bitar, they have crafted a beautiful selection of unisex perfumes that not only bring together the energy of Beirut but also explore its many contradictive facets. Therefore each fragrance exudes a timeless elegance with a touch of originality and a splash of freedom just like the city it come from.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV IDEO Parfumeurs video where I talk about my favourite scent in the collection, Prison Blues.

GALLIVANT – Fragrance for Urban Explorers

You know how much I love travel and fragrances! This brand manages to ingeniously combine both of my passions. Gallivant is a small independent perfume house in London created and founded by Nick Steward where each fragrance is inspired by a selection of cities from around the world. By using natural ingredients that are hand crafted in France and England, Gallivant have produced a range of high quality yet unique unisex fragrances.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV Gallivant video where I talk about my favourite scent in the collection, London.


When I first heard of this fragrance house I was immediately fascinated by its unusual story. Founded in 2013 by Victor Wong this Canadian based company has produced a quirky range that has been lovingly inspired by the animal kingdom. Each scent captures a unique eccentricity and personality of a particular animal. What they have ended up with is a vast array of cleverly constructed perfumes that are truly unique and fun to explore.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV ZOOLOGIST video to discover my favourite scent in the collection, Elephant.

M.INT – That Which Triggers Emotions

With a tagline of “That which triggers emotions”, I was immediately intrigued by what this brand had to offer. Their website provided a contemporary and artistic vibe providing a current slant on a perfume house that I had not seen before. Launched in 2016, M.INT released a range of 20 unisex fragrances, each created by renowned perfumers all over the world. Although each of the fragrances has their own unique personality, the collection comes together perfectly, creating a wardrobe of luxurious fragrances. The packaging is slick and modern and houses a bottle that is completely unique and the vast array of choice means you won’t be stuck for choice.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV M.INT Parfume video where I talk about my favourite scent in the collection, Azure Haze.


Founded by Imogen Russon-Taylor; Kingdom Scotland is the very first Scottish fragrance house capturing the very essence of the beautiful country it originates from. The fragrance collection made its debut in 2018 with the first three expertly crafted scents; Metamorphic, Albaura and Portal. After working a lustrous career in the aromatic world of Scotch whisky, Imogen already understood the complexities of creating a product that consisted of a variety of notes and distinguished ingredients. Seeing the connection between the sensory experience of whisky and perfume, she used this powerful knowledge to shape her vision of Kingdom Scotland. Through in-depth research, she began to develop further knowledge into the Scottish history of perfume, unearthing historic records detailing stories that fed her inspiration. After finding a perfumer who perfectly matched her vision, Kingdom Scotland was born. Imogen has created a beautiful collection of unisex fragrances that capture the imagination and transport you to the natural landscapes of Scotland.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV Kingdom Scotland video to see more about my favourite scent in the range, Portal.

Grand Café – Edinburgh

Grand Café – Edinburgh

Opening in June is the eagerly awaited Grand Café on North Bridge, Edinburgh. Located in the former advertising and notices department of the Scotsman Newspaper, this new café brings a touch opulence to the city.

As you walk in you are greeted with an elegant interior of marble pillars, sparkling chandeliers and scattered palms. The space is beautiful and airy with a very European feel as if you’ve walked in from the streets of Paris or Vienna. The dark furniture is set off with lush velvet material of blues, emerald greens and reds.


As the cafe is open from 8 am until 3 am there is an extensive menu, taking you from morning until late evening. Enjoy brunch until 5 pm or simply pop in for a delicious cocktail and listen to the live jazz every Thursday or live piano that plays every evening from 10 pm.

I chose to dine in the evening and sample their delicious choice of food. I opted for their lamb rump which being well done (such a no-no I know) it was still succulent and full of flavour. I also tasted their signature dish of Moules frites, delicious fresh mussels and fries with homemade mayonnaise. The poached and roasted chicken was flavoursome especially the accompanying burnt onion, cabbage, smoked bacon and creamed potatoes.

If you know me then you know that I am a dessert person, so it was hard to resist trying all the desserts they had to offer (don’t worry I was sharing). There were a few delicious highlights such as the earl grey crème brûlée and the poached peach. The stand out dessert for me, however, was their steamed marmalade sponge with whisky butterscotch and creme fraiche sorbet. It was sweet, sticky and deliciously satisfying.

I highly recommend the grand cafe, not just for the food and surroundings but for the exceptionally friendly service which unfortunately nowadays is hard to come by. I now can’t wait to go back and experience brunch or cocktails and of course to get another helping of that delicious sponge!

20 North Bridge