Multrees Walk – Edinburgh’s Luxury Shopping Area

Multrees Walk – Edinburgh’s Luxury Shopping Area

When it comes to high-end shopping in Edinburgh, Multrees Walk is always the first place that comes to mind. This unique part of the city is located just off the prestigious St Andrews square and provides a little slice of luxury retail therapy. In true Edinburgh fashion it manages to balance an up market retail experience whilst retaining that unique friendly Scottish approach, allowing you to browse in a more relaxed pace.

Not only is Multrees Walk home to Scotlands only Harvey Nichols it also houses some exclusive brands such as French fashion house Louis Vuitton, British fashion house Burberry and most recently the flagship store of Scottish cashmere giants Johnston’s of Elgin.

Multrees Walk is a fantastic shopping area, not only for browsing the exclusive range of stores but also to take in the relaxed and stylish ambience. As a local to Edinburgh and a frequent visitor to Multrees Walk I thought I would share with you my favourite stores to visit and their fantastic range of products.

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is one of my favourites stores to visit! It provides a place where I can eat, drink and shop all under one roof as is perfect escape from Edinburgh’s renowned rainy days. As a huge fragrance lover, I of course gravitate towards their ground floor where they have a fantastic range of well known luxury scents such Creed and Maison Francis Kurkdjian as as well as some niche brands that I have included in previous blogs such as Kingdom Scotland and Ideo Parfumeurs.

Heading upstairs is their extensive range of men’s designer clothes where you can find items to suit your individual fashion style. I adore male fashion accessories so I enjoy browsing their range of bags, belts and shoes. I particularly love their range of Valentino backpacks and Christian Louboutin shoes.

The fourth floor is now home to Pad Lifestyle; a lifestyle store which sells a range of designer items for the home. Being a huge fan of Jonathan Adler I was very happy to see that they stock his range. Their range of candles are also exceptional and include the renowned Tom Dixon and L’Objet.

If you are looking for a great place to have a drink or two then head to their Forth Floor Bar which is the perfect place to unwind. They have a great selection of wines, spirits and creative cocktails and in my opinion one of the best Vesper Martinis in town.

The muted lighting, contemporary design and low key music provides a space to relax and their stunning picture windows provides a delightful view out towards the north of the city.

Louis Vuitton

French fashion house Louis Vuitton is renowned around the world, so we are very lucky to have one of their boutiques located at the entrance to Multrees Walk. I am always captivated by their unique and colourful window displays which tantalisingly draws me in every time. You can peruse their selection of bags, shoes and other leather goods or in true Blu Blazer Guy fashion head straight to their new fragrance collection (My favourite being ‘Sun Song’). What I really adore about this store is the friendly and knowledgeable staff. They seem to give off a certain pride for working for this luxury brand and can inform you about every single detail of each product.


Their Luxembourg trainer definitely caught my eye and of course it has to have a flash of blue. This comfortable trainer can be worn in both formal and casual settings and i recommend accenting it with a nice blue blazer.


Burberry has always been a favourite of brand of mine and when in need of a new jacket I visited the store to get some ideas. I was very surprised by their contemporary ranges of menswear. I have always been a big fan of their renowned range of trench coats but it wasn’t until one of their knowledgeable staff shared the story behind them that it really captivated me.

Their grey Chelsea Heritage Trench coat was my favourite due to its clean-cut silhouette and slim fit finish. Although it is a more traditional design it has been re-imagined to provide a more contemporary look.


Who doesn’t love coffee right? I am one of the many who can’t go a day without sipping on one. Working right around from Multrees Walk I am not too far from the fantastic selection of coffee’s available to buy from Nespresso. Every time I visit the store the customer service is extremely friendly and they always manage to entice me to try a new blend of coffee.

The best thing about it is that you can try any of the coffee’s before you buy, making sure you get that perfect blend to take home. You may leave with a huge caffeine high at the end but that just gives you an abundance of energy for more shopping on Multrees Walk!

Johnstons of Elgin

Luxury cashmere manufacturer Johnstons of Elgin recently launched their flagship store in Multrees Walk with their summer collection of cutting edge lightweight textiles and knit innovations. The spacious 2,000 square-foot store spans two floors which has been exceptionally designed, housing a beautiful collection of Woman’s and Men’s Clothing, scarves, accessories and home interiors. I recently attended their exclusive press launch and it was fantastic to see the faces behind the brand and to watch the passion for this new store shine through.

I especially love their Spring Summer 19’s Ischia Collection, the soft colours echo the buildings of the Italian Island and the fit and quality of each garment is second to none.

Multrees Walk

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas
I don’t know about you but when it comes to Father’s Day I find it very difficult to get my dad the perfect gift. Over the past year I have come across some amazing products and experiences and I thought I would share them with you to make choosing your Father’s Day gift that little bit easier. Whether it be for your father or a special father figure, I am sure you will find the perfect item.
House 99 by David Beckham

David Beckham was determined to create a new grooming brand that supports men in their quest to feel and look their best. The House 99 range provides a selection of products covering skincare, hair-care and shaving. With its slick black and white masculine packaging and logo it’s the perfect understated choice for those fathers who want to experiment with grooming products.

I recently attended their event to try a few of their products and I was very impressed with the range. Here are my Blublazerguy top three choices:

Face Moisturiser Greater Look – This multi-effect formula helps hydrate the skin and reduce shine whilst protecting it from pollution. I especially love how even though it has lightweight texture it still manages to keep the skin moisturised throughout the day.
75ml – £22.00 at

Toning Lotion Spruce Up – This is a fantastic product for re-energising the skin and adding a boost of hydration to replenish lost moisture, especially after shaving.
200ml – £18 at

Bronzer All Bright – Most men are a tad dubious when it comes to using a bronzer or fake tan,  but this product manages to solve the problem.  Once applied to skin, this refreshing gel gives a natural and healthy looking glow. It also provides the skin with an intense dose of moisture and evens out the skin complexion; a great all in one product that is quick and easy to use.
75ml – £18.00 at


Like our fashion sense and style choices, we are always on the lookout for unique ways to show off our personality.  In my personal opinion, a fragrance is just the way to do this, therefore it makes a fantastic Father’s Day present.

Here are my Blublazerguy top three choices:



For a unique fragrance choice why not choose a scent by the house of Carthusia which comes from the beautiful Italian island of Capri. Most of the ingredients contained in the fragrance are indigenous to the area of which they are made. I recently had the opportunity to visit their perfume factory in Capri and I was amazed by the passion and dedication that goes into each bottle. With high quality ingredients, its distinctive history and its beautiful geographical location make a fragrance from this house a special and unique gift.

Numero Uno is one of my favourites from this house and is perfect for both young and mature men. This Citrus/Woody fragrance contains the beautiful top notes of Orange and Bergamot with a heart of Ylang-Ylang and base of Vetiver and Musk. This truly gives an opulent scent and leaves you with an uplifting feel.

RRP £80 for 100ml at See my video here for more information.

The Perfume Studio London 

Design Your Own Fragrance for Men – If your father is a true fragrance lover then why not treat him to a gift where he can create his very own bespoke fragrance. The Perfume Studio London have created a specific collection of kits allowing you to do just that.

Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions, equipment and a 30ml glass bottle which can be personally inscribed. In addition, it also contains six perfume blends that have been meticulously selected by their in- house master perfumer; Francois Robert.

The process is very easy to follow and it’s a fun way of getting involved in creating a fragrance that is unique for your Dad.

£49 (£54 including personally inscribed bottle) at 

See my previous blog post here and video here for more information. Also look out for my giveaway on Instagram. 

Jusbox Perfumes

Jusbox is a luxury fragrance brand inspired by the world of music so if your Dad is little more daring or is a fan of the music industry then this brand is a great choice.

No Rules – This aromatic and woody scent is perhaps for the more daring fathers out there and is inspired by the leather clad era of punk. With top notes of Aldehydic, Ethereal and Saffron, middle notes of Lavender, Vinyl and cinnamon and base notes of Leathery accord, Birch Bark and Musk its a fragrance that plays between the cold notes of metal and the warmness of leather.
75ml – £140 Exclusive to



Acqua di Parma – Barbiere Collection

Acqua Di Parma are known for their iconic range of quintessential Italian colognes but did you know they also have shaving products? Their Barbiere range is a modern interpretation of a long tradition of shaving, Italian style.

Each one of their products comes in their striking yellow packaging and contains the fresh light notes of their renowned cologne. Here are my Blublazerguy top three choices:

Soft Shaving Cream – This is the perfect choice if your father prefers the traditional method of shaving using a brush. This rich cream is formulated with pomegranate seed oil, lemon oil, extract of basil and hyaluronic acid which helps prevent irritation and reddening.
125ml – £47.00 at

Shaving Gel – This shaving gel is for those men who favour a quicker shave without the irritation. This luxurious gel immediately transforms into a refreshing and creamy lather for an ultra- comfortable shave.
150ml – £31.00 at

Refreshing After shave Emulsion – To finish off the shaving routine, this Refreshing After Shave Emulsion is the perfect solution. The smooth and rapidly absorbing emulsion hydrates the skin and soothes any irritation.
100ml – £52.00 at For more information on the fragrances, head to my blog post here


I always get asked what to get a Man that has everything? You cannot go wrong with treating them to an experience. For Father’s day I have selected my top three Blublazerguy choices:

Darnleys Gin. – Gin School Distil Your Own Experience

If your father is a gin lover then why not treat him to the Darnley’s Gin ‘distil your own” experience. Housed in a small cottage at their distillery in Fife is the Darnley’s school of Gin.


Here you can learn about the history of Gin and how different botanicals can be used to enhance its flavour. You can then pick your own botanicals from their vast collection and craft your very own blend of Gin in their mini stills.


After naming and labelling you Gin, you get to take your unique bottle home. I recently visited the distillery and found this experience unique, fun and highly informative.£100pp weekly on Friday at 3pm and Saturday and Sunday at 11am at

The Balmoral – Father’s Day Whisky & Beer Experience


Located in the prestigious Balmoral Hotel is the fantastic SCOTCH, a bar that sells over 500 malts, blends and vintages from all over Scotland. I experienced one of their whisky journey’s a few months ago and really enjoyed it.

Whisky Journey Experience

Now they are offering a special Father’s Day Whisky & Beer Experience. They have partnered with The Edinburgh Beer Factory to pair beers with their Whisky Ambassadors’ chosen drams.
Sunday 16th June from £25.00, advance booking my emailing

Prestonfield House – Rhubarb Restaurant

Situated only five minutes from Edinburgh City centre is the impressive and renowned Prestonfield House hotel, owned by hotelier-restaurateur James Thomson OBE. Why not treat your father to a wonderful meal at their renowned restaurant, Rhubarb.


The restaurant spans over two large adjoining rooms. Each room is adorned with high ceilings, sash windows and walls of beautifully restored historical paintings. Again, the decor echoes the rest of the estate with antiques, historic architectural features and lavish materials.
Three Course Set Menu Dinner – £38.00 at Head to my previous blog post for more details.

Argentum Apothecary Skincare

Argentum Apothecary Skincare

Founded by Joy Issacs, Argentum Apothecary Skincare was born from a dream! From a young age, colloidal silver (tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid) was used by her family as a highly effective way to treat and soothe skincare concerns. Several years later, after a vivid dream about using silver in skincare, Joy’s imagination was ignited and she set out to create a natural yet luxury skincare brand that utilised that exact ingredient. 

Argentum Apothecary skincare is created containing a range of products with a combination of Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP. Silver Hydrosol regulates skin flora with its natural antibacterial and anti-irritant properties and DNA HP; a natural marine sourced ingredient helps to promote cell regeneration and enables optimum hydration. Together they make a perfect union, helping to nurture the skin and make it looks its best. The range of products all come in black bespoke jars that have been created to block out light in order to protect and harness the precious ingredients inside. Not only do they look fantastic in your bathroom, they also serve an important purpose.

What first attracted me to Argentum wasn’t just its use of silver in its products but the unique deep meaning behind their brand. Joy’s interest in Tarot and the unconscious mind is woven into the creation of the brand, encapsulating the 12 archetype images in its design. Each Jar of the La Potion Infinite contains 1 of 12 archetype cards. This is to ensure the individual can draw energy in order to inspire balance and create harmony within, elevating the beauty product with a sense of fun and charm.

Argentum products are created to turn your normal skincare routine into a skincare meditation. They allow the consumer to sit back and pamper their skin with a luxurious product whilst appreciating mindfulness in a modern hectic world.

La Lune de Velours – Nourishing Oil Milk Cleanser – £98

5 - la lune de velours Box + Jar Lifestyle

Argentum’s newest product is the enticing La Lune de Velours. This product is a deluxe nourishing oil milk cleanser designed to remove makeup and grime whilst keeping the skin deeply hydrated. As well as including their renowned Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP it also includes natural skin-loving ingredients such as Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. All these ingredients makes La Lune de Velours very nourishing, luxurious and comforting.

2 - la lune de velours Jar Whip

The product also includes a beautiful fina silk sea sponge, hand-picked from the Mediterranean sea. By massaging the sponge into the skin, it turns the oil into a soothing milk that cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture.

6 - la lune de velours + fina silk sea sponge

I adore this product, from its very classy packaging to its melt in the skin texture and its ability to cleanse yet keep the skin really supple. It’s a product that you may want to keep for special occasions but it’s so lovely that you then use it every day. Don’t worry guys, even though it states that it removes makeup, this is a great cleanser for you too. It will remove that build of city dirt and grime that has accumulated during the day. 

La Potion Infinie – Restorative Day and Night Cream – From £36-£158

5 - la potion infinie Box + Jar

La Potion Infinie is their renowned and award-winning moisturiser, again with added benefits of the Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP. This cream is fantastic as its designed to provide intense hydration without any of the dreaded shine that can sometimes occur when using some thick textured anti-ageing facial creams. The cream is designed to cover numerous concerns such as oxidative stress, blemishes and wrinkles. La Potion Infinie really is an all encompassing addition to anyone’s skincare regime. The cream itself has a fantastic texture that is immediately absorbed and there is an instant tightening and firming of the skin. I love to use this before a night out or an event to awaken my complexion.

2 - la potion infinie Open Jar

Being a fragrance fanatic I especially love the scent of this product which was specially created in Grasse, a town in France renowned in the fragrance world. This calming non gender-specific scent is an uplifting aroma of citrus, rosewood and geranium leaves with a rich heart of spices and creamy musky base of sandalwood and patchouli.  The combination of the unique fragrance, bespoke packaging and a range of products containing highly effective ingredients make this skincare collection very luxurious and unique.  

To see how I use the product why not watch my associated video here.


Otis Skincare

Otis Skincare

I am a big advocate of keeping the process of skincare as simple as possible. In this day and age, we are bombarded with such a vast array of products that its often difficult to find the perfect one. Personally, I often skip men’s skincare products as most of the ones I have tried do not cater for my needs and only really concentrate on the moisturisation of the skin. When you get to my age (cough) I need something effective to combat those fine lines and imperfections.

A few months back I discovered a fantastic skincare brand based in France called Otis Skincare. After reading numerous articles on the adverse effects of shaving on a man’s skin, founder Sandra Scott-Allen sought out to create a simple, yet effective range completely tailored to men’s skin.  After intense research she recruited renowned Parisian laboratory (Laboratiore BF) and together they created a highly effective three step process designed to optimally fulfil the needs of men’s skin.

Daily Face Wash – Cleanse

Cleansing is such an important part of any skin care routine! In order to remove excess oils, dirt and clear any blocked pores to avoid breakouts you will need to cleanse. Otis skincare have created a daily face wash that cleanses, exfoliates and regenerates the skin without that accompanying dryness that usually occurs. Alpha-Hydroxy Acid gently exfoliates the skin removing any skin clogging debris and stimulates skin renewal. The addition of black tea extract provides antioxidant to help protect against damaging free radicals. Aloe Vera and Glycerine both sooth and hydrate the skin and I especially love the added Tea Tree essential oil helping to purify and regulate any excess oils. This multi-action face wash leaves my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and healthy, ready for that perfect shave.

Protective Shave Cream – Shave

I was a tad dubious when using this product as I have always used a gel when it came to my shaving routine, however I was pleasantly surprised. This rich and creamy formula provided a comforting layer on the skin, allowing the blade to pass over the neck area with ease and continued to protect it throughout the shave. As well as the ingredients of Tea Tree oil, Glycerin and Aloe Vera the addition of Shea butter and apricot stone oil provided an added degree of protection, softening the hair and keeping the skin nourished, preventing that dreaded rash.

Hydrating Daily Moisturiser – Hydrate

Did you know that a man’s skin contains about 20-30% more collagen than a woman’s, but starts to decrease after the age of 40? Not only does this moisturiser hydrate and nourish with Hyaluronic acid, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, it is also packed with an anti-aging peptide called Matrixl.  This active ingredient is said to stimulate collagen production in turn improving elasticity and helping to smooth those pesky little lines. The Hyaluronic acid provides long-term hydration. I especially loved the texture of this anti-aging moisturiser as it quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a shiny or greasy residue.

The quality of these products also extends to the design of their packaging which is both masculine and chic. I especially love that they come in a handy 100ml size, perfect for travelling. This three-step process really took me by surprise, and I was immediately impressed by both the quality and the packaging. As I previously mentioned, I would previously disregard a men’s skincare products but Otis is one for the keeping and definitely gets that Blublazerguy seal of approval.

To purchase these amazing skincare products click here and enjoy!

National Fragrance Week – Luxury & Niche Fragrances

National Fragrance Week – Luxury & Niche Fragrances

Coco Chanel Said “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.”

When choosing a fragrance, we all seek to find a specific scent that accentuates and reflects our own personalities. However, in a vast and ever growing fragrance market, it is a tad difficult to find a scent that is unique to you. In such a market it is difficult to find a fragrance that no one else is wearing and like clothes, we all long for something different that portrays our individuality.

If like me, you sometimes crave a fragrance that is a little bit different then this is where the niche and luxury fragrance market come into play. There are a selection of brands appearing on the market that provide certain exclusivity, allowing you to choose a fragrance that has high quality ingredients and stunning packaging. Some people often disregarded these brands for the fear that they would not like them once they arrive. Luckily more fragrance companies are producing discovery sets, allowing you to purchase a range of samples so that you can experience the scent before you choose the one you prefer.

For National Fragrance Week, I recently sought out some niche and luxury brands and had the chance to enjoy their range of fragrances. Here are the selections that caught my eye (and nose):

IDEO Parfumeurs

This unique brand originates from the centre of the Mediterranean, from the beautiful city of Beirut in Lebanon. Taking advantage of this fantastic location, IDEO has created a range of fragrances that take influence from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Founded by Antoine and Ludmila Bitar, they have crafted a beautiful selection of unisex perfumes that not only bring together the energy of Beirut but also explore its many contradictive facets. Therefore each fragrance exudes a timeless elegance with a touch of originality and a splash of freedom just like the city it come from.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV IDEO Parfumeurs video where I talk about my favourite scent in the collection, Prison Blues.

GALLIVANT – Fragrance for Urban Explorers

You know how much I love travel and fragrances! This brand manages to ingeniously combine both of my passions. Gallivant is a small independent perfume house in London created and founded by Nick Steward where each fragrance is inspired by a selection of cities from around the world. By using natural ingredients that are hand crafted in France and England, Gallivant have produced a range of high quality yet unique unisex fragrances.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV Gallivant video where I talk about my favourite scent in the collection, London.


When I first heard of this fragrance house I was immediately fascinated by its unusual story. Founded in 2013 by Victor Wong this Canadian based company has produced a quirky range that has been lovingly inspired by the animal kingdom. Each scent captures a unique eccentricity and personality of a particular animal. What they have ended up with is a vast array of cleverly constructed perfumes that are truly unique and fun to explore.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV ZOOLOGIST video to discover my favourite scent in the collection, Elephant.

M.INT – That Which Triggers Emotions

With a tagline of “That which triggers emotions”, I was immediately intrigued by what this brand had to offer. Their website provided a contemporary and artistic vibe providing a current slant on a perfume house that I had not seen before. Launched in 2016, M.INT released a range of 20 unisex fragrances, each created by renowned perfumers all over the world. Although each of the fragrances has their own unique personality, the collection comes together perfectly, creating a wardrobe of luxurious fragrances. The packaging is slick and modern and houses a bottle that is completely unique and the vast array of choice means you won’t be stuck for choice.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV M.INT Parfume video where I talk about my favourite scent in the collection, Azure Haze.


Founded by Imogen Russon-Taylor; Kingdom Scotland is the very first Scottish fragrance house capturing the very essence of the beautiful country it originates from. The fragrance collection made its debut in 2018 with the first three expertly crafted scents; Metamorphic, Albaura and Portal. After working a lustrous career in the aromatic world of Scotch whisky, Imogen already understood the complexities of creating a product that consisted of a variety of notes and distinguished ingredients. Seeing the connection between the sensory experience of whisky and perfume, she used this powerful knowledge to shape her vision of Kingdom Scotland. Through in-depth research, she began to develop further knowledge into the Scottish history of perfume, unearthing historic records detailing stories that fed her inspiration. After finding a perfumer who perfectly matched her vision, Kingdom Scotland was born. Imogen has created a beautiful collection of unisex fragrances that capture the imagination and transport you to the natural landscapes of Scotland.

Head to my Facebook or IGTV Kingdom Scotland video to see more about my favourite scent in the range, Portal.

Perris Monte Carlo – Italy Collection

Perris Monte Carlo – Italy Collection

Based in the opulent surroundings of Monte Carlo is the renowned fragrance house: Perris Monte Carlo, headed by creative director, Gian Luca Perris. Gian is the second generation of the Perris family to delve into the world of luxury perfumes.

Gian took a more thoughtful approach when creating Perris Monte Carlo and wanted to explore the core values of the fragrance industry. He was successful in this by constructing a range of fragrances that focused more on the scents themselves rather than the marketing of the brand name. This approach allowed them to seek out the most premium raw materials from around the world and create a collection of perfumes that are both unique and luxurious. By combining methods of extraction that respected the traditional elements of scents, together with modern innovation, Perris Monte Carlo are truly bringing back the art of perfumery.


From the first moment I discovered this brand, I was immediately enthralled by their use of finely sourced natural materials. Their black collection manages to take you on a whirlwind tour of the world with just a single spray. Within this collection, my favourite is Cacao Azteque fragrance. This is the perfect scent to allow you to escape the cold winter days of Scotland.  With a spicy opening of black pepper, pink pepper and cardamom the senses become truly heightened. Before long it takes you on a sweet and delicious journey, transforming into a rich and delectable aroma that drifts of the skin.

Photo by Anna Gianuzzi & Stefano Marino

Before I drift off completely, I am here to talk about their newest collection – The Italy Collection which pays tribute to the citrus essences of Southern Italy. These three new fragrances manage to encapsulate this part of the world by creatively capturing the warmth of the sun, the characteristics of citrus and natural ingredients from the Italian countryside in every bottle.

Mandarino di Sicilia

Imagine pulling a mandarin fresh from the tree and peeling its skin as the oil of the zest spritz into the air and envelopes your senses. This is what I get when I first spray this fragrance. Usually, I am not keen on fragrances that are overly fruity but the citrus and green qualities of the bitter orange and petitgrain help to balance out the fruitiness of the mandarin. The addition of floral notes at its core brings this fragrance to a whole new level, striking a perfect balance between masculine and feminine. This highly energetic infusion was my favorite in the collection, due to the complex notes derived from different varieties of mandarin.

Bergamotto Di Calabria

Bergamot is the main composition of this fragrance giving it an immediate spicy yet sweet beginning and Perris uses a particular type of bergamot from the Calabria region of Italy. In order to capture its essence, Perris manually remove the pulp from the fruit, leaving the rind to be compressed on a natural sponge. Due to its persistent and energetic character, the combination of bitter orange and lemon notes of this essence make this a common top note ingredient for many fragrances. Perris has managed to enrich this ingredient by delicately combining it with orange blossom, neroli and jasmine, adding a delicate floral touch. The addition of sandalwood and musk means that it settles to a lovely creamy and woody scent. I especially enjoyed this in the morning as the Bergamot was very uplifting and I particularly loved the addition of neroli as it’s one of my favorite notes in any fragrance.

Cedro di Diamante

The Diamante citron (Cedro di Diamante) is a large citrus fruit named after the Calabrian town of Diamante where most of the cultivation of this fruit takes place. Perris Monte Carlo encapsulates the sparkling zesty nature of this, creating a scent that is infused with a mix of citrus, floral and spices. Here I feel Perris Monte Carlo have created a multifaceted fragrance which develops into a more masculine aroma.

I usually tend to stay away from citrus based fragrances due to their short longevity and simple characteristics. However, Perris Monte Carlo have managed to develop a new collection that adds a more complex and intricate dimension to these natural citrus characteristics. Their use of high quality and luxury ingredients have created a group of fragrances that are truly uplifting and luxurious; a perfect addition to anyone’s fragrance collection!

Head to my IGTV to see more.


Dermapen Treatment – Therapie Clinic

Dermapen Treatment – Therapie Clinic

In my last post with regards to Therapie Clinic, I experienced their fantastic Environ Collagen Power Treatment which provided my skin with a useful boost in time for travelling to Greece. After the recent festive season, my skin needed an extra boost, so I visited their fantastic clinic again but this time for their Dermapen Treatment. I have tried Derma Rolling at home and while I found it quite effective the Dermapen provides a more intense treatment.

Therapie Clinic, Edinburgh

The Dermapen contains sterile, disposable cartridges made up 12 small needles that when used, automatically penetrate deep into the skin. This creates tiny openings in the skin stimulating the healing process and increasing the production of new collagen. This process can be helpful in the reduction of scarring, and numerous skin problems but for me, it was those nasty fine lines and wrinkles that I wanted targeting.

Dermapen Treatment

My face was cleansed twice to remove any dirt, makeup or build-up of product on the skin.

My skin was then cleansed again with an antiseptic solution to make sure my skin was sterile in preparation for the needles entering the upper layers of the skin.

Due to the nature of the treatment, my skin was covered with a numbing cream which was left on the face for ten minutes before the treatment started.

The Dermapen was then pressed against my skin by the therapist and moved over different areas of my face in a circular motion. The intensity and depth of the needles are controlled by the therapist and this can be increased to a level that you are comfortable with. The forehead for me was the most sensitive but this was completely normal. There was a slight burning sensation as the needles passed over the skin and it almost felt like being sunburnt, again this is a normal part of the process.

As soon as the treatment was finished which took around 30-40 minutes a serum was then applied to the skin. As the needles have created little channels in the skin the ingredients of the serum are able to absorb into the skin much easier.

A cooling mask is then applied to the skin which was a wonderful relief. This contained hyaluronic acid, peptides and additional calming ingredients such as aloe vera.

At the end of the treatment an SPF 30 was then applied to the skin.

The treatment did leave my skin red and slightly stinging which again is completely normal. As soon as I got home however the redness of the skin began to fade and this then disappeared over the next few days.  As my skin had been punctured and was repairing itself, I had to cleanse my skin with using only tepid water and using an SPF of 30 or above on a daily basis. At no point was I able to use any harsh beauty products such as acids or Retinol.

After a few days the redness completely disappeared however the skin was left taught and slightly dry but by continuing to follow the simple beauty routine this soon subsided, and my skin condition began to return to normal. Although it is recommended that this treatment should be done over a few sessions, I did see some of the benefits after a few days. My skin became more plumped up and radiant and the condition of my pores and fine lines were less noticeable.

Therapie Clinic offers the Dermapen Treatment at an amazing £120 per session, three treatments for £349 or six treatments for £599.


The Perfume Studio – London

The Perfume Studio – London

As a lover of fragrance, I have always been intrigued as to the process of creating a perfume. Aspects such as deciding which notes to use, understanding the construction of a scent and creating a fragrance that has perfect longevity has always fascinated me. It was due to this curiosity that I came across The Perfume Studio, a company in London who can provide that exact insight.

The Perfume Studio have a range of experiences that allow you to learn about their fantastic selection of perfume blends. After sampling the array of blends, you can then pick your favourite and combine them to create your very own bespoke fragrance. With a range of venues across the United Kingdom, it is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the delightful world of perfumery.

The Perfume Studio believe that everyone should have their own unique fragrance. Therefore, they have created specific collection kits enabling you to do just that. I recently tried out their ‘Design your own Fragrance for Men’ kit and was extremely impressed by it. This collection contained easy to follow instructions, pipettes, scent strips, and a personally inscribed 30ml glass bottle. In addition, this kit most importantly contained six perfume blends that have been meticulously selected by their in-house master perfumer; Francois Robert.

The notes included in this specific kit were Citrus, Woody, Mossy, Neroli, Tonic Sport and Amber. The first step of the process was to identify which of the blends stood out. I done this by immersing the scent strips into each of the blend bottles and allowing them to absorb into the paper.

I recommend that you take the time to smell each one, setting aside the scent strips that you prefer. Then you can pick up some of the chosen strips and combine them together into different combinations. Once you have found the perfect arrangement for you, then you are ready to make your fragrance.

I chose a total of three blends; however, you can choose from two or all six if you wish. I was specifically drawn to the top note of Citrus, the middle note of Neroli and the Woody base note. The Citrus has a zesty combination of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Neroli and Mandarin. The Neroli blend has a fresh floral citrus harmony of Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli, Mandarin, Rosemary and Green tea. Finally, the Woody base has a beautifully warm and creamy blend of Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Tonka and Amber.

The next step of the process was to combine the blends into my personalized 30ml bottle. Using the enclosed pipettes, which hold 0.5ml, calculate how much of each blend you will need. After carefully filling your bottle, you will end up with your very own unique fragrance to enjoy. The great thing about it is that once you have created the fragrance, you can register this online and order it again at future date.

For a completely personalised experience you can purchase their ‘Design your Fragrance – Bespoke Collection’ kit. This allows you to choose from a selection of blends online, making the fragrance you create even more unique. The Perfume Studio also have a choice of Floral, Exotic, Natural and Fresh collection kits.


I absolutely loved this kit from The Perfume Studio as it’s a fun way of getting involved in creating a fragrance that is unique to you. The process is very easy to follow and allows you to truly appreciate your final fragrance. I especially liked how the bottle can be inscribed, hence making it a more personal and unique experience. Not only did I enjoy this, I think it will make a fantastic gift idea for any fragrance fanatic. The fragrance I created turned out just the way I envisioned, and I can now relish in the fact that I have my very own ‘blublazerguy’ scent.

For more information or to purchase these fantastic kits, click here and visit The Perfume Studio Website.

Check out the video below to see how I got on making my very own fragrance or head to my IGTV in my Instagram @blublazerguy

Acqua di Parma – Italian Fragrance

Acqua di Parma – Italian Fragrance

As a lover of travel, Italy has always held a special place in my heart. From the first moment I stepped into this country I was immediately enchanted by it. The Italian culture, food, people, as well as its stunning natural Italian beauty captivated me. When I discovered the luxury Italian fragrance house; Acqua di Parma, it wasn’t surprising that I instantaneously felt a connection to it. Their fragrances seem to capture the very essence of what this country is about, evoking special memories for me.

The story of Acqua di Parma began in 1916 in the old heart of Parma where skilled perfumers created a unique fragrance. Here the very first Italian cologne was born – Colonia Acqua di Parma. With its contemporary scent and classic bottle, it no surprise that they caught the attention of elite individuals around the world and quickly became recognised as an iconic fragrance. Hollywood actors and international celebrities discovered this sophisticated scent whilst purchasing custom-made suits by Italian tailors where this scent was delicately sprayed inside the garments.

Despite ever-changing trends, Aqua di Parma’s renowned reputation, unique history and quality of its fragrances have ensured that it still stands out as an icon within an extremely crowded market. Over the years they have added to their extensive range, tailoring it to the more modern audience, yet still harnessing their traditional charm.

Not only have they added new interpretations of their traditional Colonia, they have also introduced a Blu Mediterraneo Range, which is inspired by exclusive and natural locations along the Italian Mediterranean. Furthermore, Aqua di Parma also venture outside Italy to source international ingredients and scents hence launching their exotic Ingredient Collection.

From all Aqua di Parma’s ranges I have chosen my favourite scents. Here are my Blublazerguy recommendations:

Colonia Collection

Colonia Assoluta

You cannot help but fall in love with the original Colonia and certainly understand why it became so prevalent. Colonia Assoluta is a different interpretation with the same classic undertones. Although it still contains citrus notes, this fragrance tends to lean towards floral with the addition of orange blossom and jasmine. The ingredients seem to blend beautifully together to create a vibrant, yet balanced fragrance as the dry down softens into a lovely warm and woody aroma.

Colonia Pura

I do love a crisp, clean fragrance and Colonia Pura certainly has these attributes. This interpretation is a fresher approach that lifts the classic Colonia into a more contemporary genre. Again, it opens with the typical citrus accord but on a much lighter level. The introduction of coriander brings a cool sharpness to it before the beautiful floral notes of jasmine and narcissus kick in. As soon as it settles the patchouli and musk provide a sensual masculinity that emit softly from the skin.

Blu Mediterraneo Collection

Fico di Amalfi

With just one spritz of this scent I feel like I am instantly transported to the shores of the Amalfi Coast. It immediately conjures up images of looking out towards the azure sea under a sun-drenched fig tree, whilst a soft summer breeze delicately passes through its leaves, cascading its aroma all around. For me this fragrance immediately brings a sense of calm and tranquillity. Its warm, sweet and woody scent radiates off the skin throughout the day providing gentle reminders of sun-soaked days on this stunning area of the Italian coast.

Cedro di Taormina

Taormina is a quaint hillside town in Sicily with spectacular views across the Ionian Sea. This fragrance encompasses the essence of this beautiful area combining the lush nature, rugged coast and the volcanic rock formations of nearby Mount Etna. For me this fragrance incorporates all that I love in a scent. When sprayed, it has an immediate invigorating aroma, full of energy and sunshine presumably from inclusion cedar and petit grain in its top notes. Although it also contains basil in its top notes, its green and spicy aroma lingers allowing it to intertwine skilfully with lavender and black pepper, delicately settling into a soft spicy scent.

Ingredient Collection

Colonia Oud

I have been obsessed with the exotic scent of Oud ever since I visited the middle east. Its soft, smoky and alluring scent would trail the atmosphere. Some people may find Oud to be overpowering when added to fragrances, however Acqua di Parma has managed to strike a lovely balance between its original Colonia with the addition of the Agarwood. This fragrance is very refined, masculine and elegant. Although I would usually wear oud fragrances in the evening, the addition of citrus notes means I have the versatility of wearing this fragrance at any time.

Acqua Di Parma is much more than a simple fragrance brand, it is the true spirit of Italy captured in a bottle. A timeless classic that has stood the test of time with each new additional fragrance forging the brand forward yet still managing to hold on to its traditional core. The brand now has a presence in thirty-nine countries across the world, with its characteristic yellow boxes dominating the fragrance shelves of the most luxurious department stores. All these scents are a fantastic addition to anyone’s fragrance collection, and I cannot wait to see what Acqua di Parma release in the future.



Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare

Winter is well and truly here and with the combinations of cold weather, bad diets and dry indoor heating it brings numerous skin care issues. From breakouts, dry patches and tightness, I have experienced them all.  I have discovered some amazing products that have contributed greatly to my skin health, especially during the winter season. So much so that I wanted to share them with you, therefore here are my Blublazerguy affordable winter skincare saviours:

Vitness – Raspberry Glow Collagen Skin Health

For those who have read my previous blogs, I am obsessed with Vitness products and have previously vlogged about this product and other items in their range. I feel people usually concentrate on nourishing their skin from the outside however they should also concentrate on improving the skin from within. This collagen powder is a great skin boosting supplement containing Collagen, super antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins E & C. I have been using this product for several months and alongside my skin care routine, the quality of my skin is more radiant and has a natural glow to it. This product is easy to consume as you can use it in smoothies or sprinkled on food, but my preference is to dilute it in some water turning it into a refreshing drink.

Get it here for £24.99 and receive £5 off using discount code ENJOY100 at checkout.

Embryollise – Lait-Crème Concentré

Known by makeup artists and dermatologists around the world, this luxuriously indulgent cream has been a cult favourite since the 1950s. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins this lotion is the perfect multi-tasker. I regularly use this lotion and I find that its moisturising and nourishing ingredients leave my skin supple, smooth and soft. With continuous use, my skin feels less dry and has a healthy glow without feeling overly greasy. For extra nutrition and comfort, I also use a thick layer of this cream as a mask.

Get it here from £12.99.

Lait-crème Concentré – Image by Embryollise

Pixi Skintreats – Retinol Tonic

We all know the importance of using Retinol in your skincare routine, however, some products can be highly aggressive on the skin. Not only does this tonic contain time-release retinol there is also the added benefit of Jasmine flower which helps to balance and heal the skin, the perfect solution for those who have skin sensitivity issues. I have used a number of Retinol products which have left my skin dry and uncomfortable but this seems to be a more gentle product. I use this every evening before my moisturiser and facial oil providing my skin with extra antioxidants. Along with the collagen boosting properties which are renowned to help with fine lines and wrinkles I find this product highly effective.

Get it here for £10.00.

Retinol Tonic – Image by Pixi Beauty

Mario Badescu – Orange Cleansing Soap

In winter my face usually gets very dry, therefore the last thing I wanted to use was a face cleanser that dries out the skin even more.   I have found the perfect solution to this being the Orange cleansing soap by Mario Badescu. I love this cleanser because of its extremely creamy texture which feels like you are applying a comforting moisturiser. The added ingredient of orange peel gently exfoliates the skin without stripping the skin and leaving it tight and uncomfortable. I use this morning and night before my other products and it always leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. In addition to this, I often use their spray toners which provide added moisturisation throughout the day.

Get it here from £12.00

Orange Cleansing Cream – Image by Mario Badescu

Deciem – Rose Hip Seed Oil

Deciem is one of my favourite brands as I have used a variety of their simple yet highly effective products. For additional moisture and protection against ageing, I apply their organic and cold-pressed rose hip oil. Being cold pressed ensures that all the important and beneficial qualities of the oil aren’t lost. Although this oil doesn’t particularly have a pleasant scent (which is completely natural) I find it extremely comforting and just a few drops on top of my normal moisturiser replenishes my skin overnight and I always feel my face is more rested and glowing when I wake.

Get it here for £9.00

Rose Hip Seed Oil – Image by Deciem