Blu Blazer Guy Chats With Adam Ellis – Jo Loves

Blu Blazer Guy Chats With Adam Ellis – Jo Loves

Currently we’re all going through a time where venturing outdoors and travelling has dramatically reduced. As a result, fragrances have become an important vessel in transporting us from lockdown to our favourite places. There is no better ‘fragrance maverick’ that manages to merge scents and memories together than Jo Malone CBE. Her fantastic business Jo Loves is an innovative new scent, bath, body and candle collection that is inspired by special memories and moments of travel.

Meeting Jo Malone CBE

As a lover of fragrance, candles and a huge fan of Jo Loves products I had the privilege catching up with this months ‘Chats With’ guest, Adam Ellis. Adam is the head of education and customer service experience at Jo Loves. I first bumped into Adam at ’An Evening with Jo Malone’ at Space NK Edinburgh and then again in the 42 Elizabeth Street Store in London, where his passion and dedication for the brand was so profoundly evident. His creative background in the arts allows him to tell each story of the fragrance range perfectly. Due to his close working relationship with Jo Malone and his continued dedication to the brand, I thought I would catch up with him to find out more about his career and this renowned brand.

Adam Ellis

Hi Adam, thank you so much for answering my questions today. Firstly, can I ask what your background is and how you ended up working for Jo Loves?

I’m from Swansea, South Wales and trained at Laine Theatre Arts on the 3-year Professional Musical Theatre course from 2000-2003. I was lucky enough to have a great, varied career within the entertainment industry for 13 years. Some of my highlights included Starlight Express, Chicago, Hair, Spamalot.

As I got a bit older I decided that I wanted to try something else that was a bit more stable and I actually took a job at Jo Loves as a Christmas Temp. I’ve always loved fragrances and perfumes. I love that each scent will evoke a totally different emotion or memory in everyone. I worked really hard to learn as much as I could and fast forward nearly 5 years and here I am! I’m so glad I took the leap and gave it a go.

As head of education and customer service experience you must be extremely proud to work for such an esteemed brand, what is it that you love about Jo Loves?

I am incredibly proud of the role I play within Jo Loves and don’t ever take for granted the faith that Jo has in me and my ability to tell her story and launch the brand around the world. I love that Jo Loves is pushing the boundaries with innovation. It’s not scared to be different. I also love that the brand is totally authentic and a true reflection of Jo.

At the 42 Elizabeth Street store in London Jo Loves has turned fragrance into an immersive experience through Fragrance Tapas and a Candle Shot Studio, can you describe what each experience involves and what was the inspiration behind these ideas?

Jo created Fragrance Tapas to be an immersive introduction to the brand. Jo has always loved Tapas restaurants and was inspired to create an experience that served bite-sized pieces of the brand to our consumer. It’s a complimentary experience, you get to come and sit at our bar and be taken through all of our fragrances and the story’s behind each iconic scent. It’s really fun and a real must for any fragrance lover!

The shot candle experience is so fantastic. You step inside our beautiful candle studio and create your very own bespoke candle that combines two fragrances of your choice. We are the only brand in the world who offers this experience and product. It also has a worldwide patent. Both these experiences can be booked in advance by calling the shop or dropping them an email.

42 Elizabeth Street, photo by Jo Loves

It may not be easy but if you had to choose what would be your favourite scent from Jo Loves and why? 

Such a tough one! I’d have to say Green Orange and Coriander. It’s a real soulful citrus fragrance but it also got a beautiful warmth to it. For Jo, it’s an autumn day in New York, having Sunday brunch next to a roaring log fire with a large, full-bodied red wine in hand. I cover myself in it all year round though and always have compliments when I wear it.

I met the wonderful Jo Malone CBE (and you) a few years back and heard Jo’s story behind the brand and was completely hypnotised by her creativity and tenacity, how is it working so closely with her in your job role?

Jo is incredibly hands-on with the brand which I love. We work very closely together and are often travelling to launch the brand in new territories. We have such a giggle on the road together. We work very hard when we are away but we will always reward ourselves with an in cold white wine to end the day. It’s so important to celebrate even small achievements.

I noticed that within your job role you get to travel quite a lot and Jo Loves fragrances are very much inspired by memories of travel. Where is your favourite place to visit in the world and why? 

Travel is always something I’ve enjoyed. In my acting career, I was very lucky to get to travel the world and that hasn’t changed with Jo Loves luckily. I have seen some amazing places with work, including Shanghai, NYC and all over America and the Caribbean.

Last year my husband turned 40 and we travelled to Borneo on a real adventure holiday. It was a once in a lifetime trip and seeing the wildlife where its meant to be in its natural habitat was really breath-taking, especially the Orangutan. We don’t always have such adventurous holidays but we will always spend our money on travel whenever we can.

Jo loves weaves its beautiful fragrances through a number of other items such as candles, bath and body products. Why do you think the world of fragrance is so popular and what makes Jo Loves products stand out from the crowd? 

I think fragrance is part of self-expression. It’s part of how we want the world to see us. It’s so personal and many fragrances will smell totally unique on each person.

I think Jo Loves products stand out because they have been created from a very authentic place. Each one inspired by Jo’s memories or experiences. When people hear their stories it’s hard not to relate to them.

The red dot is synonymous with Jo Loves packaging, is there any significance to this?

Jo is severely dyslexic and throughout her career has always given her seal of approval to something by Red Dotting it instead of signing it off. When Jo Loves went through a period of rebranding, Jo wanted it to have its own identity for the consumer with a recognisable logo. Jo was travelling to Shanghai as a member of the great campaign and a friend sent her a bottle of shanghai Red nail polish. She dipped a pencil into the nail polish and let a droplet fall onto the white labels in front of her – EUREKA moment the Jo Loves logo was created. Jo wants our consumer to know that every product with the Red Dot has been created by her.

Jo Loves was the first to introduce the world to The Fragrance Paintbrush concept. Being such an innovative fragrance brand, can we expect any new creative and exciting products in the future?

Jo is always working hard to push the boundaries within the fragrance world so hopefully, there will be many more exciting innovations to come! Watch this space!

Fragrance Paintbrush, photo by Jo Malone

This is more for my benefit 🙂 but when will a Jo Loves Store be opening up in Edinburgh? 🙂

Well, you can currently purchase a selection of Jo Loves from SpaceNK of George Street. We are a growing brand so hopefully, it won’t be too long until more Jo Loves boutiques start popping up around the UK and beyond.

Exciting stuff! You can read more about Jo Loves and there products on their website

Blu Blazer Guy Chats With James Read

Blu Blazer Guy Chats With James Read

After 18 years in the beauty business, tanning expert James Read has become a worldwide name in the tanning industry. Working with an abundance of celebrities, photographers and designers, his underlying dream was always to create his very own brand. Utilising all the knowledge he had gained over the years,  not only did he create his own brand, but he also managed to infuse his tanning products with the benefits of luxury skincare. With a copiousness amount of prestigious awards and a following from all around the world (me being one of them) it is no wonder this brand keeps going from strength to strength. I caught up with James to find out more about him and his successful company.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what lead you to become one of the world’s leading tanning experts?

I have worked in the industry for 18 Years and was the first self-tan expect to start the trend for layering your tan and making self-tan not just a spray tan but an experience. I previously worked with eight self-tan brands before starting mine, which helped me gain the experience and knowledge to launch my own brand.

What inspired you to create your very own self-tanning range?

Ever Since I was at school I wanted to be known for something. I remember watching The September Issue back in 2009 while working for St Tropez and there was a part where Anna Wintour’s dad asked her at 15 years old what she wanted to do when she was older, she said she wanted to be editor of American Vogue and now look at where she is. This inspired me to start my own brand, to create a brand that was both skincare and self-tan and to make a difference in the self-tan world. Years later I was at a launch for Net a porter and told by the beauty director of American Vogue that I had a whole page in the April issue for my sleep mask tan, I cried after she left as it was a dream come true.

Your Sleep Tan Mask (which is one of my favourite products) became world-renowned due to its combination of self-tanning and luxury skincare ingredients, what inspired you to combine the two? 

I used to use overnight hydrating masks and one day it clicked that no one has ever created a self-tan that combines both self-tan and skincare but also one that is an overnight self-tan, this is when the sleep mask tan was born. Eight years on and it won over 35 beauty awards.

James Read products are formulated with tantone technology, which promises its users the perfect golden glow, how does this technology work?

To me, Tantone creates a tan that looks natural and glowing but also takes the worry out of self-tanning. I wanted to create a perfect range of products where the tan works as a background colour and compliments your whole look but never overpowers it, which I believe I have successfully done.

What are your top tips for a flawless self-tan application?

Never over-apply your self-tan and always apply your self-tan in stages leaving your hands and feet till last. With the hands and feet always work the leftover self-tan over these areas so it looks more natural. In order to prolong your tan moisturise daily and exfoliate three days after to help your tan fade more evenly.

You have a few products geared towards men, is there a difference between the self-tan products for men and women?

The men’s self-tan for the face is more about calming the skin after shaving. The great thing about my brand is there is a product for everyone as the products are so natural.

Have you noticed an increase in men using self-tanning products?

Yes for sure, men are using more skincare as well as self-tan, they are also more conscious of what they put on their skin.  The fake orange look is so far away, today it’s about looking healthy but also golden.

One of your missions was to change the world’s perception of tanning, which I believe you have done, do you have any new product innovations or ideas coming to fruition in the near future? 

I have some amazing new stuff launching this year that will again change how people see self-tan, my lips are sealed but trust me you will be one of the first to know. To me it’s about being a leader, not a follower, never look to the left or right but look straight ahead, that way you never lose your direction.

This is completely off the subject of tanning, but as a fragrance lover, I ask this question to everyone, what is your favourite fragrance?

Byredo Bal d’Afrique, I love it so much!

Thank you James for taking the time out to answer these questions. Keep your eyes on James Reid Tan social for all up to date information.

Head to my blog post here to find out what my top favourite James Read products are.

Nadia Banaisa – Founder of Les Soeurs de Noe

Nadia Banaisa – Founder of Les Soeurs de Noe

In celebration of National Fragrance Week (16th – 22nd March), I caught up with founder of Les Soeurs de Noe. This luxury niche fragrance house was born and created in Brussels, Paris and New York and inspired by Nadia’s childhood memories of travel, people and cultures. Le Soeurs de Noe launched in 2019 at London’s exclusive Liberty Department Store and as soon as I saw the gorgeous packaging and ingredients, I couldn’t wait to try them. I immediately fell in love with the unique and stunning fragrance notes and I had to reach out to Nadia to find out more about the inspiration and creation of this wonderful fragrance house.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and did you have any experience with the creation of fragrances before?

I was born and raised in Belgium with two cultures, Belgian and Moroccan. I travelled to Morocco many times from birth to visit my grandfather, and I have many memories of smells associated with those trips. His beautiful garden in Tangier was surrounded by Olive and Fig trees and I remember the scent of jasmine growing in his garden and the beautiful scent of orange blossom inside the house.

The intense colours of Morocco, as well as all the sweet smells have developed an indelible bond between my memories, emotions and fragrances. These memories were my introduction and my fascination with fragrances. I had no experience in the creation of fragrances but I‘m still training my nose every day and I have learned this new language of communication with my perfumers. I really love the way we work together.

What inspired you to create this luxurious range of fragrances? 

All the memories of my childhood inspired me but also the relationship to cultures, nature, people and many places around the world are a huge source of inspiration.

Where did the name Les Soeurs de Noe come from?

I have two daughters ‘Yara and Nahla’ and one Son ‘Noe’. My nostalgia for the past has been revived by the birth of my children. Thanks to them I found the strength to realise my dream by creating les Soeurs de Noe. This is why I dedicated the name to them. ‘The Sisters of Noe’.

Nadia at Liberty London

To bring your fragrances to life you chose master perfumers Jerome Epinette (known for the likes of Floral Street) and Pierre Wulff (who has worked with Byredo). What made you choose these individuals to create your vision? 

I was introduced to Jerome Epinette and Pierre Wulff by my designer Pierre Dinand who’s a close friend of Pierre Wulff during a trip in New York. We had a dinner and we got to know each other, started talking and we decided to work together. I really love their work. They are very talented and immensely creative perfumers.

I really developed a strong friendship with both of them. There is a dialogue and an understanding with Jerome and Pierre. We sit together and I am trying to get them to feel my emotions. The brief could be very visual or based on words, raw materials, music, a place, poetry, images,…

What captured my eye at first was the stunning packaging and bottle and the striking blue cap, how did the design come about? 

I worked with the designer Pierre Dinand and immediately fell in love with his work. He created the perfect association with luxury and craftsmanship. I wanted a round bottle to reflect the cultural diversity, the softness and the generosity of Les Soeurs de Noe. Its geometric motifs evoke all of the stories at the origin of Les Soeurs de Noe but also each person’s story. I wanted to use a new colour code in the luxury world for the cap and the packaging. Pierre and his wife Danielle came to visit me in Brussels for Christmas a few years ago. Danielle was wearing a magnificent necklace with a blue pearl. I loved it and this was my inspiration for the Colours of Les Soeurs de Noe. I was informed by Pierre Dinand that this necklace was part of a selection of jewellery that was proposed to Yves Saint Laurent by Pierre Dinand for their Opium project in 1977. In spite of its originality and beauty it was not selected by YSL. Now, more than forty years later, Les Soeurs de Noe is bringing it into the limelight.

A few of the fragrances are connected to the orient, where did this inspiration come from? 

I travelled a lot with my parents during my childhood and I was fascinated by different cultures and people I met. Being multicultural, I am sensitive to cultural diversity and I try to consider that very much in the creation of my fragrances. Les Soeurs de Noe explores this indefectible bond between the Orient and the West, establishing links between both regions’ heritage and cultural richness.

One of my favourites is Oud Rose as it has that perfect balance between Oud and Rose that I have been searching for, so thank you! Did the perfumers manage to encapsulate your memories perfectly first time or were there a few changes along the way?

Thank you very much Scott! The creation of each fragrance is unique and an emotional process. I focused on the feeling that the scent should evoke and worked with Jerome and Pierre to create it, we did several changes to get the final one.

Photo by Ahmed Bahhodh

Apart from your own range, do you have your own particular favourite fragrance and what do you look for in a scent when purchasing one? 

I always tried to find the fragrance that I am comfortable with physically. It is really important to know who you are. It’s subjective. One of my favourite fragrance is Chergui by‘Serge Lutens’. It takes me back to my earliest scent memory in Morocco with my grandfather. I remember the chergui wind blowing in his garden and all the smells associated with it.

Can we expect any further beautiful creations from the Les Soeurs de Noe range? 

We really want to grow slowly and create a truly unique fragrance experience. Now, we are working on new scents that will launch in the future.

Finally, can you sum up your perfumes in three words? 

Authenticity (quality, creativeness), respect (people and environment) and sharing.

Head to my latest video to find out more about each of the fragrances.

Nick Ede – Philanthropist and PR Guru

Nick Ede – Philanthropist and PR Guru

In 2020 I continue my search for inspirational people and share them with you through my “Blu Blazer Guy Chats with” blog posts. Over the past few years due to the ever-growing power of social media, I have been closely following the work of renowned philanthropist Nick Ede. With an unstoppable spirit and unlimited amount of energy, he pours his life and soul into working with charities and is now founder of his own; Style for Stroke. His work also includes organising numerous prestigious events which have become renowned the world over and help to raise funds for several charities. In addition, he is also CEO of East of Eden London which creates brand experience campaigns for clients not only in the charity sector but also consumer, lifestyle and fashion. If that wasn’t enough, his career has also allowed him to delve into the world of TV where he has judged and presented on numerous shows. I caught up with Nick to find out about his admirable work and illustrious career.

Nick Ede

First of all Nick, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. You are a widely recognised philanthropist and have dedicated your life to numerous charities, with a specific emphasis on stroke charities, Can you tell me where it all started and what drove you towards this?

Thank you so much for inviting me onto your platform. From a young age, I’ve always been interested in altruism and wanted to make a difference, but I really started to want to do more when my mother sadly passed away with a stroke when I was 23. She died on the same day that Princess Diana died and so the world was a very sad place. I had no idea what a stroke was and it really angered and frustrated me that I didn’t know, so I decided to contact the stroke association and see if I could do more to help by either fundraising or volunteering. I decided to put on a night called ‘A night with Nick’ and I invited all my friends to buy tickets. At the time I had not famous contacts, So I wrote to numerous agents and asked if the clients would like to come. It was 1998 and all before Instagram and Twitter, so most communicating was done via fax or very slow modem-based emails. I remember having to fax Mark Moody who was the social editor for OK! Magazine to ask if he would feature my event and to my surprise, I received a reply saying yes. This fax really did change my life and I still have this fax to this day. On my first event, Jamie Oliver attended along with the cast of Eastenders and numerous soap starts. The next day the event was in the papers and the following week it graced the pages of OK! Magazine. This spurred on my interest both in PR, events and ultimately fundraising. I have now hosted an annual ‘A night with Nick’ for over 18 years and it has grown so big we have now attracted stars such as Luke Evans, Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Rowland and Naomi Harris who all attend and support.

As CEO of PR company East of Eden, you get to work with some of the world’s largest brands, clients and celebrities as well as continue your work in charity. What has been the highlight of your career and are there any goals, dreams or aspirations that you still wish to achieve?

I have so many highlights that I find it difficult to pinpoint a particular one. We launched Spanx in the UK, Hosted the VIP area for The V Festival and launched the cast of Geordie Shore, we have always been able to be at the right place at the right time with what we do. Part of this is down to my past and present teams, many of them have gone on to set up their own wonderful agencies and it’s great to see them doing so well. I have many aspirations to achieve greater things with the agency and we are looking to not only expand but work smarter too. I love that we have a really diverse client list who all compliment each other really well, it makes every day different and exciting, which is always a good thing.

After its success in 2018, you joined forces with Alexandra Burke to organise The Fall Ball which took place at Café de Paris in London this year. For those who don’t already know, can you describe what The Fall Ball is and how it contributes so greatly to the awareness of the charities involved?

Alex and I have been good friends for a while now and I asked if she would star in a campaign we did for BBC Children in Need, where she appeared for one night only in Les Miserables. We hit it off and stayed in touch and when her mother sadly passed away 2 years ago from a stroke, we decided to do something together to celebrate our mothers. Alexandra has the Melissa Bell Foundation that gives grants to Sylvia Young Students who are unable to afford a scholar scholarship and my foundation supports Interact Stroke and The Stroke Association. The Fall Ball is a fabulous event full of love, hope, inspiration and wonderful live music. In 2020 we will have our third ball and we are also looking at hosting one in either LA or New York.

Alexandra Burke & Nick Ede

You seem a very grounded individual, especially in the way you approach your work and how you engage with people. How important is it for you to remain authentic in a somewhat unauthentic world?

I am not phased by anything or anyone and to be honest one of the main things I remember my mother saying to me was to be true to yourself. If this all stopped tomorrow then I can honestly say I have done everything I wanted to do, apart from writing a book that is!

Working on TV and being in the spotlight seems to come very natural to you. Where does this talent come from and have you always desired to be on TV?

My mother had been a musical theatre actress and I was always in the school plays and although quite shy at times, I loved performing. I studied drama at Bretton Hall University in Leeds and I loved it so much as it really helped me with confidence and communication skills which I now use every day. When I was 30 I was deeply unhappy in my work and also unhappy that I was making more of a difference with the stroke work that I had been doing. A friend of mine worked for a TV production company and I convinced her to give me a contract to be a researcher, I left my well-paid job and started at Shine. I loved every moment of it and I learned so much from being there but in the end, I was told there was no work for me. I felt so despondent and I didn’t know what to do. The next day as I was packing up all my things, I was called to the office and asked if I would like to have a hosting role on a new day time talk show. The show was called The Russell Grant Show and I would be his sidekick ‘, Starstruck Nick’. I literally went from fetching diet cokes for people to be being on daily TV, interviewing celebrities and have my own clothing allowance. It was scary and exciting but ultimately led me to future jobs working on shows such as Taste on Sky One, Lorraine and Market Kitchen to name but a few.

You seem to have quite a busy lifestyle with numerous positions, events and activities. What is a typical day in the life of Nick Ede and how does he relax?

A typical day for me is getting up around 6:30 am and taking Beverly (our new Cavapoochon) out for a walk which I find really relaxes me. I then go to the gym before arriving at the office for 9 AM, Luckily I only live 5 minutes away. My day at the office involves planning with the team, numerous meetings and in the evening I will go to an event. If I have some filming to do then I will work around the team and make sure they know where I am or where to reach me. As well as walking the dog, cooking and going to the cinema and theatre really relaxes me. Now and again I also love visiting The Body Camp in Ibiza which is the perfect way to detox the mind, body and soul.

In 2015 you were awarded the Fashion Philanthropist Award for your ‘Famous Last Words’ fashion collaboration in aid of The Stroke Association and you also were a judge on TV reality show Project Runway. Where does your interest in fashion come from?

I have always loved fashion, design and Print. I went to Glasgow School of Art and did a foundation course there and this sparked an interest that has never left me. I really enjoy looking at the use of fabric and how garments are created and realised. We make judgements on what people are wearing and their personalities before they even speak and I find this so interesting. I am working on two fashion projects at the moment which is really making my creative juices glow. One is a new brand that I am collaborating on with a US manufacturer and the other is an experience, I cannot wait to share them in 2020.

On a more personal note, a few years back you married your lovely partner Andrew with a double ceremony in both London and L.A. As a member of the LGBT+ community, for me, marriage is something that is very important and was one thing I thought I would never be able to do. How important was it for you to get married and also can you tell us about that momentous occasion?

Getting married was such an important thing for us both to do. It cements our commitment together and being a traditionalist at heart, it meant a lot that we were and are able to be married. It should be legalised everywhere! The weddings were both amazing and both so memorable. London was in Dalston at our favourite restaurant called Jones and Sons and Los Angeles was The House of Elyx in Hollywood. I couldn’t have wanted more and I think that they both demonstrated our personalities and our love of friendship and glamour perfectly.

Nick Ede and husband Andrew Naylor.

You are a fellow Scot and were born and bred in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Since leaving for London, is there anything that you miss about Scotland (except the weather of course)?

I love Edinburgh and any excuse to back and I am there. My brother still lives there, so I visit as much as I can. I miss the friendliness of Scottish people and their sense of humour and I miss a good fish supper the most.

You have accomplished so much in your lifetime, something tells me there is much more to see. So please do tell us, what is next for Nick Ede?

I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and fulfil and I am looking forward to some exciting things happening in 2020. I am mostly looking forward to Style for Stroke making more an impact internationally, East of Eden creating some exciting campaigns and the projects I have been silently working on coming to fruition for people to enjoy. I will sleep when I am dead, so until then there is no chance of me slowing down.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions Nick. You can keep up with all things Nick Ede on his instagram page.

*photography provided by Nick Ede.

Blu Blazer Guy Chats With Darren Kennedy

Blu Blazer Guy Chats With Darren Kennedy

Today I speak with the style king himself, Darren Kennedy. For those of you who don’t already know, Darren is a TV Presenter, Fashion Columnist and one of the UK and Ireland’s top lifestyle influencers. He regularly writes for top publications, presents on a range of TV shows in UK, Ireland and the USA and has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious brands. His social media is the perfect concoction of positivity, style, charm and is full of helpful fashion tips for guys of all ages. A year ago Darren launched his own grooming company, Kennedy & Co which sells a range of affordable and effective grooming products for men. I caught up with Darren to find out more about him, his career and Kennedy & Co.

You are a renowned Style Entrepreneur and fashion columnist, can you tell me where your love for fashion came from?

My love of fashion and style came from my parents. They were young adults of the 70s and our house was adorned with photos of my mother wearing amazing fur coats and my father wearing flairs and other interesting outfits, so to be honest, I think it stemmed from there.

Having such a varied and busy career what do you do to maintain and look after your mental health and wellbeing? How do you manage to stay so fit and healthy?

I have a couple of things I try to do, one of which is to visit a gym on a regular basis. I always try to visit a gym no matter where I am in the world normally working out for around 30-40 minutes which is enough to keep me sane and give me a sense of regularity.

Darren Kennedy in Attitude Magazine

I don’t really meditate but I love just to chill out, close my eyes and listen to relaxing music, this acts as a kind of meditation for me. It could be anything from Sufjan Stevens to a little bit of George Michael, anything calming really helps. I also try and take care of what I eat. I eat pretty much what I want but I always know if I am eating too much sugar, ice cream or chocolate which are all things I love, I start to feel a bit rubbish after a while. Likewise with alcohol where if I constantly drink too many nights in a row, I start to feel it. So it’s not rocket science but it’s just about keeping an eye on it.

You took part in Dancing with the Stars having no dance experience which is very courageous, are you someone who always welcomes a new challenge?

Dancing with the stars was absolutely terrifying as I have never danced or performed on stage in that capacity, so that was a real challenge. However, I do like a challenge and I believe in pushing myself outside my boundaries, sometimes it’s scary and it takes a long time to work up to it but I’ll eventually get there. I was very proud of myself with Dancing with the stars because I noticed as time went by and the harder I worked and the more training I put in, I was picking up the routines quicker, which just goes to show even without natural ability you can learn anything.

Dancing with the Stars

You have an infectious optimism and an abundance of confidence, which is portrayed through your social media, TV presenting and on-screen appearances, does this come naturally to you or is this something that you have had to work on?

Optimism does come a little bit more natural to me but I do work on it. Some people are a glass half empty and some people are a glass half full, I am definitely a glass half full. On days where I am feeling a bit empty I will work on it and try and pick myself up and there are mental techniques that I use. In terms of self-confidence, I wasn’t always and I am not always very confident but I guess I have learned to work on that as well.

Even in times when I feel very vulnerable and not very self-confident, I can fake it a little bit. I guess ultimately it’s not about confidence for me, it’s about being self-assured and being confident in my abilities for what I do in terms of work which has come with sheer experience and working really hard and consistent over time.

I notice that you get the opportunity to travel a lot, is travel important to you and is there any destination in the world that has had a lasting impression?

Travel is always something that I knew I would do with my life. In a way, it’s in my blood as my dad worked in the airline industry at Dublin airport. So even as a young child, we were very lucky that we got to travel because my father was able to get reduced price travel tickets. I absolutely adore travel and without it, I do start to sink a little bit so it’s very important to me. New food, new culture and new people are very important for my soul. I haven’t yet made it to Mexico City but that’s next on the list and hope to go this year. I went to Sri Lanka and fell in love with it. I lived in France for two years where I studied in Bordeaux and worked in Paris and I discovered Biarritz during that period. Biarritz is very close to my heart and I have now made some dear friends and love it as its the perfect mix for me.

You recently launched your Kennedy & Co grooming range, what was your inspiration behind the brand and does skincare play an important part in your life?

I launched Kennedy and Co over a year now and we celebrated our one year anniversary last November which is hard to believe. It was really born out of there being a gap in the market for really excellent skincare products that were within reach of everybody and that’s what we’ve done with Kennedy & Co.

The feedback on the products has been amazing, it’s doing wonderful things for peoples skin and hair. What’s most important is that it’s affordable, all under fifteen euros, made in Ireland, vegan, sulphate and paraben-free and not tested in animals which are all the things that I stand for. Skincare is important, it’s not something I invest hours in every day, it has to be quick and easy as I am a busy man, but I think that represents most guys these days.

Kennedy & Co Grooming Products

You probably have so many but do you have any top grooming tips that you can share with us?

My top grooming tip and my number one thing that I always say to guys is regardless of anything else you do for your skin, make sure you wear SPF every single day of the year no matter where you are in the world. Even here in the UK on the greyest of days, 80% of the damaging UVA rays still get through and they are the ones that are responsible for premature ageing of the skin. So that’s why the Kennedy & Co moisturiser comes with SPF 20 so you don’t even have to think twice about it, we’ve done the hard work.

Last but not least, I am a huge fragrance addict, can you tell me your favourite fragrance?

I am a massive fragrance fan and have been since I was around 13 when I used to steal my brothers Dior Fahrenheit, I’ve always been addicted to fragrance ever since. I guess one of my long term favourite fragrances is Bleu de Chanel, it’s kind of a signature for me and I have been using it since it launched. I also love Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection, in particular, Azure Lime as I love the zestiness of it. I am a big fan of Hugo by Hugo Boss it’s a great fragrance and it’s been around twenty years and there is a reason it has lasted so long. Le Labo is fantastic as well, I like a few of their fragrances. I can keep going on and on, I love the fragrance!

Thank you Darren for taking the time out to answer these questions.

Head to Darren’s Instagram or webpage to keep up to date with what’s going on in his life and also head to Kennedy & Co Grooming to check out the range of products.

Blu Blazer Guy Chats With Will Sturgeon – Personal Trainer

Blu Blazer Guy Chats With Will Sturgeon – Personal Trainer

After a long absence from the gym or any fitness-related activities in that matter, I sought out a personal trainer to help me get back into a sustainable fitness routine. I discovered Will Sturgeon owner of Will Power Personal Training located in Edinburgh’s prestigious hotel, The Balmoral. You will have seen in my previous blogs what the gym and spa facilities in The Balmoral are like. I thought I would catch up with Will to ask him about his company and what it offers.

Hi Will, can you tell us a little bit about yourself; What your journey has been and how did you get into Personal Training?

I have my primary school to thank for a life of sport. It was incredibly small but focused heavily around sport. It led me to play football, golf and table tennis to a high national level. I always wanted a hands-on job in the fitness world. Becoming a personal trainer was an obvious step.

When did you start Will Power Personal Training, and can you tell us more about it?

Will Power Personal Training was created at the turn of the millennium at David Lloyd health club, where I was offered a freelance trainer opportunity. It was shortly after that we moved to our current residency at The Balmoral hotel after being headhunted by the manager at the time. We currently have 3 in our team, Akwa, Hajni and myself. All with our own unique skill set, but all experienced, friendly trainers.

Despite the obvious, what other ways do you think Personal Training helps with an individuals fitness goals?

Personal training is largely about showing people what intensity they should be training at, and how to maximise the time you invest in exercise. We all know how to be fit, and exercise where possible. We show you a more efficient way to train, and show you how to push your limits sensibly.

Will putting me through my paces

You use the Balmoral gym as a base for Will Power Personal Training, as well as being in a fantastic location and such a stunning historic building are there any other reason you chose this particular hotel?

Actually yes. It is a stunning location, but more than that, it fits our training ethos perfectly. We chose not to constantly chase clients in a busy gym where you have to wait for equipment and have a high turnover. We have a quiet modern equipped gym where we can focus exclusively on our clients and really connect with them without always competing for space. As a result, we have a very loyal long-standing client base. On average we have clients with us for 7 years, with a few clients up to 14 years.

For those people out there who are perhaps a bit dubious about reaching out to a personal trainer to help them with their fitness goals, what can someone expect on their first meeting with you or a member of your team?

We are a team of friendly trainers well experienced at putting you at ease. We want you to enjoy yourself. We’re not here to bark orders and be intimidating. We always invite people for a complimentary session to start. Either to go through some measurements or just to show you the facilities and to chat over a plan.

Many people will be starting the new year with a fitness-related resolution, what advice can you give that will help keep them on track?

Without a doubt, the most important thing is to make that exercise time available. After a few weeks of fitting in a workout, it will become routine. Once it’s routine, it will last. Adding something new into your day can be awkward at first, but perseverance will pay off.

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand when trying to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With so many unhealthy temptations around what is your advice on maintaining a healthy diet and having a positive relationship with food?

They sure do. I don’t rule with an iron fist with a clients nutrition. We take a very pragmatic approach. We all love a nibble of something sweet, or the odd overindulgence. That’s ok. Generally, I work with the old rule of “Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper”. Carbs morning, protein evening.

Is protein a must when working out and if so what are the benefits?

Protein is the building block to muscle. It’s vital in its function. Most workouts should involve some muscle work. Protein is key to  toning, building and maintaining that muscle

For me and I suppose many other people, working out is not an easy task and requires dedication and persistence. What advice can you give to maintain that will power in order to reach their goals?

Don’t get too caught up in detail. Whilst it can motivate some, being too specific and detailed takes away the spontaneity and enjoyment. Your energy levels fluctuate with hydration etc. See how you feel on the day. You don’t have to hit your personal best on the chest press every day.  Chat to the trainers on what variations you can do. Keep it fresh, not driven by numbers.

Finally, there is an abundance of personal trainers and gyms out there, what makes Will Power stand out from the crowd?

Anyone can become a personal trainer now. At least on paper. But a great trainer has the attitude, knowledge and personable nature to go with it. There is a reason we have clients stay with us for years. Did I mention we’re also the best price? Haha

Thanks a lot Will for taking the time out to do this. If you want to find out more information or even what to come in for a consultation you can contact Will here, he doesn’t bite, I promise!

Blu Blazer Guy chats with Frances Prescott

Blu Blazer Guy chats with Frances Prescott

Frances Prescott is a facialist and makeup artist within the film and fashion industry.  After many years in this illustrious career,  Frances wanted to create a product that would simplify everyones skin care routine. Joining forces with international business woman and sister Pauline Prescott, they sought out to create a luxurious yet affordable multi-functional and natural products. Tri-Balm and Tri-Spritz were born! I chat to Frances Prescott about her journey, the brand and the products that she has created.

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on formulating these two fantastic products. Can I ask what inspired their creation?

Thank you! The inspiration really came initially from reducing my professional kit down and from clients coming to me for facial treatments and their confusion or lack of willingness to layer to many products. I didn’t want to skimp on quality skincare, but I wonder if I could create the solution.

One of the key selling points of Tri-Balm and Tri-Spritz is their multi-functionality, something which is not easy to achieve in a product without compromising on quality. Was it a difficult process finding the perfect amalgamation of ingredients that carried out all the multi-purpose skincare steps you envisaged?

I have a background as a nurse early on in my journey, so I am quite knowledgeable on skin structure and what skin can do itself. After studying as a facialist and working with heaps of products, I teamed up with a fantastic cosmetic scientist. We worked on ingredients and rations to achieve a balanced multi-functional product where one function was as potent and affective as the other functions. It took a lot of tweaking, but I was thrilled with what we developed.

My favourite (if I had to choose one) is the Tri-Balm, which cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises. Most people think that in order to exfoliate the skin you have to use granular substances, which of course Tri-Balm doesn’t contain. What is the key ingredient in Tri-Balm that helps with exfoliation and how does it work?

I am a big fan of gentle exfoliation and although I think physical exfoliants are effective, I found clients ‘scrubbing’ with them and sensitising their skin, something which they didn’t need to do but I think the mind set was telling them to ‘scrub’!

The key exfoliant in Tri-Balm is a pumpkin enzyme which is an AHA (chemical) natural exfoliant. The enzyme ‘digests’ dead skin cells and it’s a very gentle and fantastic ingredient.

Both Tri-Balm and Tri-spritz are made with high-quality natural ingredients that are contained in minimalist contemporary packaging. Are the products aimed at a specific markets or are they suitable for everyone?

Yes, the products are gender neutral and great for all skin types.

Tri-Spritz is your most recent release, are there any plans to expand the range any further?

I have a fantastic body balm coming soon but this will be a capsule collection of multifunction products, I want to use less to do more!

After years of working in the fashion and film industry, have you come across any skincare tips for men and women that you can share with us? 

The best tip I can share for all skins and genders is keep it as simple as possible. Skin on the whole is pretty good at taking care of itself, if you can find a realistic skincare routine that you can stick to then you are winning.


For more information on the products see my previous blog post and IGTV videos.

Check out my guest blog over at where I talk about my favourite winter skincare products.

Blu Blazer Guy chats with Scottish Actor, Craig McGinlay.

Blu Blazer Guy chats with Scottish Actor, Craig McGinlay.

My “Blu Blazer Guy Chats with” posts are articles dedicated to influential individuals who inspire and empower through their passion of their profession. This time I was lucky enough to catch up with Scottish actor Craig McGinlay. Through a series of fortunate events it was clear that fate had already sealed an acting career for Craig, who has now starred in various adverts, TV series and feature films. With numerous roles from Outlander to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, his career has continued to gain precedence and he is now set to play a lead villain in a new major Bollywood move. Since meeting Craig a few years ago, I have always admired his style, work ethic and down to earth nature. Therefore, I invited Craig for a Blublazer Guy Chat as I was keen to find out more about his career and how he maintains a healthy work-life balance.

Can you tell me a little bit about how you got into acting and was it always your intended career?

I wanted to be an actor but couldn’t see a path as no one in my friends group or family were actors. I am so grateful that I have now fallen into it. I was working as a sport Scientist for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games when I was spotted and asked to be featured as the weightlifter in the advert. The commercial was released and I was then spotted by a director to feature as the lead actor in his short film. It won best thriller in LA and Calgary at their film festivals and I then joined a small extras agency off the back of it.

After being cast in a global whisky commercial campaign which Guy Ritchie directed he then auditioned me for his fantasy epic King Arthur: Legend of the Sword to play the role of Sir Percival. I got the role and was sword fighting and horse riding on set with some top actors. It was an incredible experience for my first ever movie. 

So far you have played a multitude of characters, including; Sir Percival in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Lead Villain Aldred in Knightfall and MacNeil in Outlander, has there been any particular role that has stood out for you and why?

Definitely Sir Percival sticks out because it was my first role as a feature film actor. It was a major movie so to play one of the knights of the round table was an incredible experience. One I will never ever forget and will be forever grateful to Guy for having me. 

You’ve recently been working on a movie in India, how have you adjusted to life there? Have you managed to escape the studio and travel around? 

The hours have been so busy when filming that I haven’t had much free time as yet. Most of the free time is spent doing stunt work, fight training, horse riding, reading lines etc so it’s a busy time. I’m sure I will get a good look round soon. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the movie you will be starring in?

Yes, I am playing the lead villain in a major Bollywood movie along with heavyweights Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir Kapoor. I’m actually in India now. The people have been amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The scale of the film sets are huge and the stunt teams are amazing as those guys work on the Fast & the Furious movies so you know you are in good hands. I love stunt work so it’s good to work with such a great team. I have been lucky to work with incredible cast and crews so far. Let’s hope it continues.

It’s evident from your social media and movie roles that you work out, how important is it for you to keep in shape and how do you find time to fit this into your busy schedule?

Sometimes we’d be doing night shoots so picked up at 5pm, arrive at set by 6pm, changed into costume and through hair and make-up by 7pm, and on set good to go soon after working through the night until around 6/7am, changed and back to the hotel for 8am, quick sleep til midday, up and train, read lines, then back out again so it’s pretty busy. You just have to be disciplined and make time to work out. I feel better for it and it’s largely been crucial for the roles I have played so far playing action focussed roles. 

Being in your line of work you are often invited to an array of exclusive events and always have to look your best, do you follow any particular grooming regime and is there any specific brands that you are drawn to?

Not necessarily. Shower and change after a day of filming. Make sure my shirt is ironed and shoes polished to go with my suit. General Male grooming is important for these events. If I have the beard then it can take longer. You’ve got to wash it, condition it, comb it, oil it… it’s like a pet!

How do you look after yourself mentally in such a demanding and eventful career? 

Working out is a great way to stay fresh. Also going back to Scotland whenever I can to see friends and family and get out in the outdoors. 

You looked very dapper at this year’s GQ Men of the Year Awards, do you gravitate towards any particular style?

That’s very kind, thank you. I do like a classic look. I’m not too flamboyant in my styles. I like blue, grey, black mostly when wearing a suit. Some people might think it’s boring but I think classic is normally best. When dressing more casual I will normally wear a black leather jacket, white or black t shirt, black jeans, brown boots. That’s my go to. 

I always ask everyone this as I am a huge fragrance fan, what is your favourite fragrance and why?

I like Oud Wood by Tom Ford but I will also have a love for Boss Original as I always wore that when I was younger. I have tried various fragrances but I’d say that’s always a good one. A classic you’ll never get bored of. Oud Wood and Boss Original for me I’d say. 

Last but not least, You have now moved to the City of London, is there anything you miss about bonnie Scotland?

I visit a lot now and since moving to London I realise I took for granted how beautiful it is. St Andrews, Kilconquhar, Elie, Loch Lomond, Gleneagles, Glencoe, so many beautiful places to see. I love home. 

You can keep up to date with Craig and his career over on his Instagram at @craigmcginlay and keep an eye on his new Bollywood debut.

Blu Blazer Guy chats with Dr Nestor

Blu Blazer Guy chats with Dr Nestor

There is no doubt that grooming has become more popular with men. I often get asked for my advise for the occasional guy that is still a tad dubious when it comes visiting spas or clinics for skincare and cosmetic treatments.  Speaking to a number of friends, colleagues and followers, most responses towards men’s skincare is that some men feel judged and/or aren’t confident enough to approach the clinic and some feel that those type of establishments are directed more towards the ladies. I used to be one of those guys, hiding in my bathroom with the latest facemask! What I have come to learn is that these preconceptions are completely false and that there are so many places that can provide men with excellent treatments to bring out the best in their appearance. Luckily for me there is one right on my doorstep!

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town is the renowned Dr Nestor Medical and Cosmetic Centre. Dr Nestor is one of Scotland’s leading cosmetic doctors and his city clinic provides a space where you can delve into the world of skin health, anti-ageing, Botox, Fillers and hair loss for both men and woman. I recently visited the clinic for a one to one consultation with Dr Nestor to discuss my specific skin concerns. 

I was greeted by the welcoming Georgia who checked me in and provided me with some simple forms to complete before my first consultation. The clinic itself is a stylish and sophisticated space which is definitely not the image I conjured up when thinking about the word ‘clinic’.

Its contemporary design of black and white in a traditional Edinburgh building makes it feel as if you are almost in someone’s chic lounge. It’s this unique style that provides a laid back and welcoming vibe allowing you to fully relax before your initial consultation.

I was then met by the talented Dr Nestor who after looking over my forms wanted to discuss my concerns further. As my most prominent concern was ageing, Dr Nestor was able to give me an in-depth but easy to understand guide on the ageing process. He also highlighted the main differences between male and female ageing alongside numerous before and after photos of clients that had received different treatments. The results were astounding and it really managed to dispel some of the myths around certain procedures that I had initially had.

What I like about Dr Nestor is that he is both open, honest and will only advise on a treatment if you genuinely need it. The consultation is free and there is no pressure or obligation which gives you time to go away and think about whether you want to go forward with a treatment. I opted for one of their carbon laser treatments which is said to improve texture, pigmentation issues, pores and fine lines. 

I will discuss this treatment in a future post, however in the meantime I asked Dr Nestor my five BluBlazerGuy questions:

1. How long have you been working in this field and how did you first become interested in it?

About 9 years. I was fascinated by what can be achieved in a non surgical way. My back ground is in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, so my brain very much works along the lines of ‘there a mechanical problem, how do we fix it’. This is what has attracted me to procedures like the liquid lift and and the one stitch lift. It’s incredible what we can do these days.

2. What is it about Edinburgh that made you choose it as a base for your Medical & Cosmetic Centre?

I love Edinburgh. I completed both my medical and bachelors degrees here as well as my junior doctor years. It will always be like home for me.

3. Do you think more men are opening up to the world of cosmetic and skin procedures?

Absolutely. When I first started Aesthetic Medicine, roughly 5% of my patients were men. Now it’s closer to 25%. As men, we are collectively wanting to age well. Most men have caught on that treatments aren’t intended to make you look plastic or ‘done’, but just soften some of the features that make us look more tired or harsher than we’d like. Nothing more.

4. In your opinion, what are the most common causes of ageing?

Sun damage. Sun damage. Sun damage. It has been said that 50% of the damage to our skin happens by the age of 18! Smoking and poor diet will also cause a lot of both internal and external features of ageing.

5. What is the most popular treatment that your clinic offers and why? 

Helping people to look that bit fresher. There isn’t one treatment that will do it. It’s down to the individual. We specialise in identifying what is holding someone back from looking incredible for their years and address that. We aren’t looking to make anyone 10 years younger. We want to replace some youthful features we’ve lost to freshen up and quietly enhance the face. 

Thank you Dr Nestor for answering my five BluBlazerGuy questions. For an update on my carbon laser skin treatment, stay tuned for a future post. In the meantime get applying that sunscreen, even on a cloudy day.

Blu Blazer Guy chats with Jason Carter – TV Personality

Blu Blazer Guy chats with Jason Carter – TV Personality

Being from the UK I only became aware of Jason Carter whilst watching popular American TV show RuPaul’s drag race. Jason graced our screens in all his glory as a member of the infamous pit crew. It wasn’t until I started following his social media channels that I became more aware of his lustrous career and the path he took to get to where he is today.

Originally from New Mexico’s largest city Albuquerque, Jason landed his first job at 15, hosting seven seasons of teen dance show “Dance, Dance, Dance, It’s A Teen thing!” for FOX. He then allowed his personality to shine through a different avenue in the world of radio, where he became an instant success. In 2006 he relocated to Los Angeles where he made his mark as a world class TV personality, working with numerous networks such as VH1, NBC and LOGOTV. It wasn’t until 2010 where he was cast as a member of the pit crew and immersed in the ‘sickening’ world and backstage drama of RuPauls Drag Race.


His engaging personality and his positive and witty attitude captures the attention of thousands of followers all over the world. I was lucky enough  to find out more about the guy behind that infectious smile. Here is my BluBlazerGuy Interview with Jason Carter:

Firstly thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Jason. You lead a very busy life, not only are you as a host, producer, journalist, television personality, you also appear on the iconic programme RuPaul’s Drag Race. Do you ever get time to just relax? If so, what truly relaxes you?

Relaxation is something that is a little rare for me! But when I do get the opportunity to relax I love to just stay home and either binge watch Netflix or hit the gym. I’m a simple guy and it doesn’t take much for me to unwind. I do love a good shower though lol

Your regular appearances as a member of the Pit Crew on RuPaul’s Drag Race means you are in front of the camera in all your glory. How do you keep yourself in such good shape, especially when having such a busy schedule?

It really comes down to diet and consistency. I try to watch what I eat and stay active. Sometimes it is easier said than done but it all comes down to consistency and awareness. But I work out three days a week. Sometimes four .

RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 10 Finale.

Being Pride month, LGBTQ equality is a talking point for everyone.  Albeit we have come so far, I feel there is more than can be done. What advice would you give to a young person who wishes to ‘come-out’?

I get this question all the time. I would say to a young person that is wanting to be open with their sexuality to first , find people who will support and be a healthy and positive influence. You are not alone and are loved and there are people who are in you corner and will be a safe place. Secondly, I would say to take your time and do what feels right for you. Not one person’s experience or story is the same. Do what feels right and is comfortable for you. Period.

Like myself, you are a keen traveller and you have visited some stunning destinations. Do you have a particular favourite place to visit and why?

You know, I have visited some beautiful places and I have to say the most breath-taking place I have been to is Greece. Mykonos is so peaceful . Overlooking the Mediterranean, it is Nirvana. I can’t agree with you more, Greece is one of my favourites. 

Being such a prominent public figure you always keep yourself perfectly groomed and styled. What are your top tips for that camera ready look?

Ahh thank you ! I love fashion and most definitely a fan of men’s lifestyle and grooming. I just know what works for me. I am a huge advocate for skincare and believe in always using sunscreen. I get a fresh cut on a weekly basis because my hair grows like weeds haha. And always moisturise!!!!! Keeps the wrinkles away.

Serving Polka Dots.

As far as my style, being a Libran I like to experiment with different looks. Depending on my mood is normally how I’ll dress, and I never ever leave the house without a scent. I’m obsessed with fragrance and simply cannot live without it. Instant mood lifter.

On that note, I’m such a fragrance fanatic! I can’t resist but ask you what your favourite fragrance is and why?

Ahh you got me Scottie! I own over thirty five bottles of fragrance and I have never been able to say that I have a favourite. But one that I simply cannot live without is Guerlain L’ Homme Ideal Cologne. It is simply divine. Almonds; Vetiver; Citrus and Pink Pepper. Intoxicating!


You once said “work is work, don’t get caught up in the perks, get caught up in your craft and keep doing great work”. How do you manage to stay so grounded in such an industry?

I come from humble beginnings. I have only known hard work, so I work like it can all go away instantly. Whether or not that is a healthy way to exist is a whole other conversation but just staying present and being grateful always centres me.

I have found that you have such a positive and charismatic personality. This is evident both online and on camera, what is your secret?

Thank you for the kind words. I just be who I am . Of course training and being on television since the age of sixteen helps but mainly just being authentically myself is the key. We always trying to be what others want us to be and found that when I let go of that negative behaviour I was able to just be authentically Jason. And that’s who comes across on camera.

On set with ET Live.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that one of your biggest icons is Mariah Carey (preach), are there any other people that inspire you? 

I am inspired everyday by people. Famous or not. My mother’s strength inspires me. My husband’s work ethic inspires me. My twin brother’s kindness inspires me. I am inspired by so much. Everyday.

Being a fellow Libran (we share the same birthday btw) we are always striving to find ways to achieve balance and harmony in my life. How do you find ways in order to strike a healthy balance in your life?

Who says I do?? No, in all seriousness I am always trying to find balance in all aspects of my life. Does it happen? Never. But it’s the little things that help along the way. Like self-care and being mindful of my own wellbeing. Balance is being able to be prepared for what life throws at you.

Thank you so much Jason for taking the time to answer my questions and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Watch Jason as a Host on Entertainment Tonight / ET Live
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Twitter: @jjcforever

Photos by Jason Carter.