Tiziana Terenzi – Orion

I first discovered Tiziana Terenzi fragrances in a quaint perfumery on the Amalfi Coast and I was instantly enamoured, not only by the stunning design of the bottles but the vast range of unique and luxurious scents available. 

Tiziana Terenzi is an Italian family owned luxury fragrance house which was originally established as Cereria Terenzi in 1968. Initially the founder, Evelino Terenzi along with his wife, created beautifully scented candles using ingredients from their surrounding area. As they began to experiment in the world of perfumery their small artisan laboratory grew expeditiously and from there it has been passed down from generation to generation. In 2012, creative family duo Tiziana Terenzi and Paolo Terenzi came together to continue the fragrance legacy. Tiziana, a teacher of applied arts and design, and Paolo, a respected Italian perfumer combined their artistic skills to pay homage to their father Evelino and the label Tiziana Terenzi was created.

Tiziana Terenzi & Paolo Terenzi (photo by Tiziana Terenzi)

There are now over seventy fragrances in the range and I recently experienced a stunning perfume from their Luna Collection. In their own words, The Luna Collection “embodies the essence of ‘re-discovery’’, of recognising the dearest possessions we thought we had lost, or perhaps did not even know that we had forgotten. These fragrances take you on an epic journey to the moon in search of our precious lost object.”

Orion tells the story of Tiziana and Paolo setting sail on the Mediterranean with their grandfather during a summers evening. In the midst of darkness and with the breeze caressing the boat their grandfather would point out the mythical constellation of Orion. It’s this heartfelt description and deep family connection that made me gravitate towards this fragrance and its collection of beautiful notes made it more enticing.

Orion impresses from the first moment you set eyes on it, I know everything is not about external appearances, however presentation does play part in the quality of the whole experience. The bottle is simply stunning and you instantly get a sense of the craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that has gone into it. The matt white body is crowned with a heavy gold embellished top with the most intricate lunar inspired details. Even before you have opened the fragrance the bottle itself has started telling the story.

Orion opens up with an unexpected energetic rush of Herbaceous Bergamot, it is this which conjures up the images of a “light breeze trailing the cheerful scent of the mediterranean scrub’’. This slowly tapers off to reveal a juicy opening of uplifting Pineapple, but before it reveals its sweet tropical characteristics, the injection of Red Currant and Apple provide a wave of welcoming tartness.

As the fruity notes sparkle away, the heart of the fragrance develops accords of a spicier nature. Birch, Thyme and Patchouli provide a multi-faceted aromatic and woody combination. A freshness continues to surface intermittently which I really like, whether this is due to the Pineapple or Herbaceous ingredients, its seems to ultimately lift the fragrance to another level.  It’s almost as if this fragrance flirts between a cool breeze and a heart warming hug, one minute it’s invigorating the next an underlying warmth is evident. 

My favourite part of the Orion fragrance journey is its smokey woody base. The incorporation of Incense and Oud really add a depth to the fragrance and I feel that this is where that warmth really flickers through. Musk and Amber provide a sensual soiree of long lasting sweet and earthy tones and all the while, to the very end , the Pineapple continues to make an appearance albeit in a more subtle way.

Orion is just one of the many fragrance wonders that Tiziana Terenzi has created and there are so many more to explore in the range. From the stunning craftsmanship of the bottles and the unique stories behind each scent, you can’t help be captivated by this unique and inspiring brand. The endearing personalities of Tiziana and Paolo are evident from their social media also add to its charm. Tiziana Ternezi is a fragrance house full of history, soul and heart and it is these attributes that exude from every elegant bottle. 

Blu Blazer Guy Rating:
Presentation 4.5/5
Sillage 4/5
Projection 4/5
Longevity 4/5

Fragrance Concentration: Extrait de Parfum
Price: £220 for 100ml

12 thoughts on “Tiziana Terenzi – Orion

  1. I always feel a brand is always extra special when it’s a family affair as it’s personally relatable to someone’s passion. I like the idea of it being unisex and would be perfect for when we travel hand luggage only. The sound of pineapple always reminds me of escaping to somewhere tropical,


  2. I love the fact that this is a family run business and all items are produced with passion and devotion. I adore the design of the bottle, soo unisex which is a plus! Liking the sound of the warm ambroxan scent with a hint of sweet pineapple!!..hoping the projection and longevity will be high on this 😊


    1. It’s a beautiful scent! For me the longevity is okay but I know others have reported it doesn’t last long but of course this depends on our skin. Definitely a winner in my eyes 🙂


  3. What a beautiful bottle, it looks luxurious and elegant! I love the unisex aspect and how it could suit the whole family. How you describe the Orion fragrance and how the smell develops sounds so tempting.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that it’s family owned and the different notes in the fragrance sound delightful! I love Amber it really reminds me of my travels. Very nice bottle too, perfect gift!

    Liked by 1 person

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